Social Media: My plans and choice of platforms

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Social Media: Let’s be havin’ ya!

So, a sub-title that’s more aggressive-aggressive than my usual passive-aggressive stance, something that has been honed to perfection over a number of years, because it’s about time that I started to make sense of it all, well, social media. Ok, so not all of it, right away, but it really is time that I stopped dabbling and listening to the odd soundbite here and there, if I am going to make something of this blog and actually change direction. Where to start? What do I need to consider?

Coming up with a plan

There are so many things to consider when using social media, but firstly, I really need to have a plan of when and what I am going to post. Like most areas of life, consistency is key, and using social media to generate blog traffic is no exception to this. In life, I love a good list, notebook, pen and any other, often attractive, way of getting organised, so how can I do this with my social media use? Well, creating a weekly/monthly plan, including the times and types of content that I plan to put out there. I have thought about this numerous times, but work, life and Netflix have a habit of getting in the way. Now, I am giving myself a call to action, get your arse in gear and get on with it!

So many platforms, so little time!

Firstly, deciding what platforms to use is really important and there are so many out there, that when I started doing some research, I was like wow! Time has moved on, but I think I have narrowed it down to a couple of the biggies to get me started and then I will perhaps branch out further as my confidence with social media increases. So, I will be looking how to plan my content for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I have decided to leave LinkedIn for the moment and will give Pinterest some thought at a later stage, even though I understand it has huge potential for increasing blog traffic. So, this post is about when I plan to post and why, so enough of the ramble and let’s get to the point.

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Instagram: Let’s get visual

Interior design, travel, lifestyle and the modern age are all the visual, so it’s impossible to ignore this platform when considering your social media channels. I, like most people, browse on my mobile, often whilst at on a break at work, on my commute or whenever there is a free moment. So, this leads me to think that the lunch hour (12 noon 1pm) would be a great time to schedule regular posts. Although I will need to consider my audience carefully, but I will work this out via some trial and error and some research. That doesn’t mean that I won’t post outside of that time, but it will be more focused and targeted, and I will test other blocks of time when I start to delve into the analytical tools. It might need to be tweaked, but hey, I’m learning, check out my Insta account here.

Facebook: Part of your daily digital housekeeping

I can remember when I was against Facebook, but now, like most people, it part of your daily online housekeeping and the platform has changed from talking in the third person and throwing sheep at each other. Oh, such simple times! Yet, there are still enormous quantities of people logging in to Facebook, despite recent data scandals, so as a platform it cannot be ignored. Like Instagram, lots of people are accessing Facebook on their lunch/afternoon coffee breaks, so early afternoon seems a good time to get my content out there. Although, I will test the timings as I become more familiar what works for me and how I develop my use of social media. To connect with my page on facebook, click here.

Twitter: Find your online family

I have been using twitter for a few years, as a teacher for professional development, but not personally or for blogging. So, whilst I’m familiar with how it works, trying to increase engagement levels will be interesting and as a social media tool, I like it’s less formal style. Like Instagram and Facebook, lots of people are looking at their feed during the lunch hour and on their commutes, not whilst driving, obvs! So, 12noon – 3pm is a good window initially target, with comments and posts whilst I am commuting in the morning and evening. That will work with my current schedule, so I’ll see how it goes and then adapt as I need to, all the while trying to cultivate e-relationships with the blogging community. Join me on twitter, by click here.

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Who are my audience?

I think I’ve got my timings sorted for my first trial with organising my main social content, so I will use a spreadsheet in Excel or Google to map that out so that I can see how the content all fits together and where I can make links. When it’s done, I’ll share it as a resource. As much is all this initial planning is great, I need to be able to review what does and doesn’t work, so I will give it about month and then see what I need to think about and try and find out more about my target audience. When are they online? What do they want to read? Where are their social media hangouts?

Planning: User-friendly tools

Once everything is organised, I am also going to try a scheduling tool, probably Hootsuite, because I’ve looked, and it seems like something that is quite user friendly and I can use across all of my social platforms. It has a calendar and planning tools, but I’m going to use my own to start with, control freak, I know! So, in a month’s time I will review and have a look at the analytic tools to see if I need to make tweaks to ensure that I have a wider reach. Let me know if this is helpful, or if you have suggestions for me!

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