New Year, Same Me – Do we need to make big changes?

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At the dawn of each New Year, or just after in my case, we start to look back on the year that was and forward to the one that is on the horizon. This time of year is often full of both the sublime and the ridiculous when it comes to making resolutions and plans for the year ahead. I’m not suddenly going to have a desire to scale Mount Everest or become the next big thing in the music industry. I am a realist, and whilst these are true aspirations for many, they are quite far from my conscious thought process. Whilst I don’t truly believe in the whole New Year, New Me stuff, I’ll be aiming to be the same me with a few tweaks. Fundamentally, I don’t think I will make seismic shifts in my outlook on life from year to year, yet I think there are changes that I can and would like to make!

Do I want to change? Some things, absolutely! For me, 2019 will be a year about making great decisions and taking life by the horns, with an increased sense of positivity. Negativity is such a barrier to getting things done, and whilst life can have its ups and downs, I think we just have to power through which is my mantra for this new year. My career is something that I am looking to change, although 2019 will be about providing myself with opportunities to make this happen. I would like to be working in the interior design industry, and this blog and my social media engagement will be key in developing my knowledge and skills over the coming months and years. My bills need paying and my current career allows that to happen, so some subtle changes will help me to make this transition over time.

My blog and social media presence are key on my 2019 priorities. I want to dedicate more time to them which can seem almost impossible when work is busy, and I take on various freelance projects. Yet, with a sensible blog and social media calendar/campaign, I’m hoping to make that possible. Here’s hoping that I make that a reality! Linked to my blog, which also deals with lifestyle elements, I want to broaden my horizons when it comes to exercise, travel and food, whether through the virtual or real worlds. I don’t have many travel plans for this year, but I want to delve into the online world of travel writing to influence where I might go on to discover, so the new year might bring more adventures. This is the same with food, although I love to cook and to eat, so I see that aspect of lifestyle writing as already taken care of. Lastly, exercise. I’m no fitness fanatic, but I do enjoy going to the gym, playing tennis and thinking more carefully about my nutrition. All of these things enable me to live my life as I want to and enjoy the things that are important to me.

So, I’m pretty happy with love, life and most things in between, but 2019 will force me to make decisions and do some more “adulting”. Those decisions that do not feature in the teenage or twenty-something thought process, but as I’m in my thirties and career and life milestones are on the horizon, I have to get my thinking cap on with such things as buying a property considering pensions and investments. All of these things are a far cry from the cocktail-filled, care-free times of my twenties. That said, I relish the challenges and changes that might lie ahead as we embark on this new year. So let’s raise a glass to 2019!

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