Gym Clothing: What to wear to be comfortable and confident

Picture of gym clothing and gym equipment

For many this isn’t important and doesn’t feature as part of their considerations when thinking of joining or going to a gym. Clothing selection for exercise is more than a fashion choice, the correct selection can increase comfort, inspire confidence and be adaptable to the different forms of exercise that you might do at your gym. So, this post explores looking and feeling confident and comfortable to make the most of your workouts.

Gym Clothing for Comfort

This point cannot be emphasised enough, it is so important to choose gym clothes that you feel comfortable in when you undertake any exercise, irrespective of the intensity. Unless we are exercise debutants, we tend to have some gym clothes lurking in a drawer, cupboard or wardrobe, but are they really the appropriate for your current needs? Sometimes they will, although our body changes shape because we gain and lose weight, so it is always worth rummaging through that pile of gym clothes for what is going to make you feel comfortable, with running, walking, lifting weights or doing a yoga class. Styles may have changed since your last exercise burst, so those 1980s leg warmers might need a rethink!

Gym Clothing for Confidence

The notion of confidence is very important, especially when embarking on any sort of challenge, which health and fitness changes have the tendency to be. So, I think it is important to choose gym clothing that makes you feel confident and want to enjoy your time exercising. I am a big believer in using mindset and its associations to help develop confidence to achieve your goals. One way of doing this is through what you wear! I dug out all of my old gym clothes about a year ago and replaced a few bits as many had seen better days, but in the last 4 – 5 months I have changed everything because I wanted to feel good in what I was wearing. I did, and I started to feel more motivated to exercise and quite enjoyed that my exercise clothing, either for the gym or sport were matching! My choice for the gym is Gym Shark, so many choices and amazingly comfortable. Linked to confidence, is music selection and I always choose music to help me on my journey to the gym so that I am in the right frame of mind! So, select your outfit well and be confident in achieving what you want.

Gym Clothing for Classes

I have already touched on this, but if you are doing different types of fitness activities, such as the gym, class and/or sport, then your clothing choice will go beyond the realms of comfort and confidence. You might need to invest in some specialist garments or items in order to do them. So if you are a tennis player, like me, you will probably want to have different shoes for tennis, given the support needed for different sorts of movement. Likewise, if you attend spin classes or cycle in the open air, some cycle shoes with SPD cleats will be a welcome addition to improve your performance. Then there’s the flexibility and mindfulness classes like yoga and Pilates, which sometimes require you to wear something different to engage with the full range of movements.


Comfort, confidence and classes are, in my view, the holy trinity of considerations when selecting your outfits for building the body and lifestyle that you want. You don’t need look like a model, but you might want to make some good choices so that you get the maximum benefit from your time being engaged with exercise. It’s not about the money you spend, but how you feel when you are in the gym or on the pitch, so make sure you have what’ right for you and get out there.

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