Design Qualification at KLC: New Challenges

Picture from my sketchbook or PRJ for my KCL design qualification

It’s such an amazing feeling when you have submitted work or a project of any kind, particularly when I handed in Section 1 of my KLC Interior Design Qualification. It was something that I had wanted to do for ages and was glad for it to have been submitted. I have to get started on my other sections, but with working full-time, that can sometime be a challenge. Note to self, make time and find your mojo! I made a start by reading some of the course notes and having a go at sketching and rendering, but not a great deal of time was dedicated to this project. Not design, but more that everything and anything else got in the way which is not what you need when trying to work on a design qualification. I decided to embark on the course as a way of developing both my knowledge of the field of interior design as well as to increase my art and technical skills.

Section 1.1 – The Client Brief

This was quite interesting and reading through the notes about a range of aspects from finishes to optimum furniture placement was great and will feature elsewhere in the design qualification. I thought that I would spend quite a bit of time typing up the format of the questionnaire and making the document something that I could use and re-format in the future, if I am successful in this industry. It is a great exercise in focusing the mind on a job and pulling together a range of information to satisfy the brief. I included some rough rendered sketches as well as some image selections based on the information provided by the virtual client. I might have done too much, but I wanted to practice and develop my skills in this area of the design qualification as it is a useful and practical part.

Section 1.2 – Personal Style

I made a start on this part of the design qualification almost straight away when starting the diploma and tried to skew this to the fact that my partner and I were going to be moving to Portugal in that year. This would enable me to kill two birds with one stone as we were going to be looking at a range of projects in Portugal and I thought this knowledge would help me. Well, that plan never came off and we didn’t move there, so, whilst this was interesting, I don’t think it is necessarily fully representative of my style. There are elements of the tile design and use of colour that I think are exceptional and the many vistas overlooking the sea and beach are a source of inspiration for the serenity that they evoke. However, I have thought more about my style since this this time and think that as I complete the design qualification, this aspect will develop quite a lot. I’m not sure exactly how this will happen at the moment but watch this space!

Section 1.3 – Technical Drawing

I thought that this was going to very daunting part of the design qualification and almost left this to the last minute with the equipment in a box under my desk at home. However, it was actually quite fun and reading through the notes and practising the exercises before completing the project, I learnt a lot about understanding spaces and producing layout designs. I had many a conversation at home with my partner about this and enjoyed producing documents that look, professional. His words, not mine! This skill is coming in very useful at the moment as I am involved with some family projects and will be drawing up some scale plans based on survey notes, however, it is quite time consuming to do by hand. So, in the future, I should make an attempt with the online Vectorworks course to help with my IT skills which will become essential if working in industry as well for later parts of this KLC design qualification.

Section 1.4 – Colour Theory

Before I started this section, it took my mind back to sitting in the art room of my comprehensive school in the late-1990s being told some of the basics. I didn’t remark on colour theory as a teenager, however, having read through the study materials, researched online and observed the homes of family and friends, a lot more about the use of colour started to make sense. The place of colours on the wheel is like learning an irregular verb in a foreign language, do it by rote, but the use of colour is different. I particularly liked the socio-psychological connotations of using particular colours and what they mean to different cultures. It is this aspect of design that should make us think, that’s to say, we must consider everything about our surroundings when putting together schemes.

This blog post, much like Section 1 of my KLC diploma, has been stopped and started many times. I have found many aspects of the course very interesting and helpful in clearing up some things for me. I guess the one thing that I struggle to really keep up with is the PRJ, I just don’t feel that I add things to it and when I do, they are often just practices for the exercises and some magazine clippings etc. So onwards and upwards with this thing called interior design. I have taken the step to join the Facebook group to interact with others that have started the course and need to push myself to get more involved with the online and offline interior design community.

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