Kelly Hoppen: Design Icon and Champion of British Business

Picture of Kelly Hoppen sitting on a sofa in one of her designs.

This is my first post in this series of posts that I am going to dedicate to design icons. There are many designers that exert a massive influence on the industry and on the development of a particular style. Some you admire greatly, for their knowledge, skills and ability to adapt, often if the end product it not to your taste. These icons become beacons for their take on a style, presenting their unique perspective on all things linked design and space. This first post looks at one of the people that I admire for their tenacity and longevity in such a competitive area, Kelly Hoppen, the Queen of Taupe!

Kelly Hoppen has cultivated a career that has spanned 40 years, allowing her passion for design to make her one of the world’s most sought-after interior designers. Having read several articles about her and possessing some of her books, she really had the bit between her teeth, where design is concerned, and took on her first commission for a family friend at just over 16 years old. This tenacity and dedication to her craft, alongside her belief in herself as a brand has meant that her unique style stays at the forefront of our minds, particularly when considering her design ethos and principal colour palette selections.

She is the self-styled Queen of Taupe, one of the key neutrals that she uses in her design schemes. Schemes that I love for their play on texture, light, colour as well as architectural brilliance. Her books and media engagement point to her use of systems that evoke her style, things that have been refined and distilled over the course of her career. Whilst Kelly Hoppen has a natural leaning towards neutral colour schemes, her designs have included very clever uses of colour that enhance the surrounding choice of materials and finishes. Her work ranges from private residential to commercial projects combing her East meets West design philosophy.

This design philosophy, used in conjunction with varied textures and a neutral colour palette, provides an ordered and calming presentation of an interior space. Whilst some do not favour this, saying that it might not create interest in a room, the way this comes across, can and does create a sense of drama and intrigue in a room. The scope of this post does not allow me to go into too much detail and I will revisit different aspects of Kelly Hoppen’s design schemes in future posts, a slight indulgence for me, but oh well! This indulgence will look at how this doyenne of the design world has become synonymous with effortless luxury.

Moving beyond her design work, as this is just an introduction to her as a design icon, Kelly has been involved in a plethora of other projects, including making an effort to bring affordable luxury design to a broader audience. Her TV engagement has seen her invest in many different businesses both inside and outside of her niche. Her work in the support of British Entrepreneurship is great and it is high time that we took the time to champion the work of those working in their own businesses. So, world-renowned interior designer and hard-working individual Kelly Hoppen has brought us a lot, certainly in the design world. When I look at the beautiful creations, I get a warming feeling and it makes me want to delve further into the world of interiors and design. Here goes!

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