Design Diploma at KLC: Creating Steps for Success

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After completing some work on a range of family projects for some concepts that we were going to work on the Algarve, I got my feedback for section 1 of my KLC Interior Design Diploma. Whilst I have been excited at completing some real-life projects, a mountain of southern European bureaucracy, coupled with some general incompetence meant that there were massive delays. Luckily, I was able to return to work in the UK and have done ever since and hope that engaging with my studies and the online and offline interiors community will bring me ever closer to making these changes. However, I think the design diploma at KLC will be key.

In general, I am trying to become more glass half full which has enabled and will continue to enable me to attack my KLC interior design course and writing this blog with energy and enthusiasm now that some obstacles are out of the way and I have the mental and physical time and space to dedicate to this exciting venture. So, this post effectively acts as me underlining my development plan for my design diploma following my feedback from my first submission. It took me an age to get around to submitting it, but I did and I was highly surprised and pleased to get an A grade, the top grade given by the KLC design school. It won’t actually count to my final design diploma result, but nonetheless something must have impressed the assessors. So, to even consider maintaining that level of achievement, some planning has to take place!

So, having moved house last year, lots of things were packed away and put in cupboards and I have found my box of design and art materials, read through my feedback and made a plan of what to do next with my studies. Firstly, I took the positives from the excellent feedback provided by my tutor at KLC and used this as my starting point for developing my action plan. It’s clearly the teacher in me, but I broke my ideas into sections to make me concentrate. So, here’s a distilled version of what I’m thinking:

Positives from Section One

· Overall A grade for the first section of the design diploma and praise for effort for each of the projects.
· Smart and professional presentation of all work.
· Inclusion of a range of colours, textures and shapes in the PRJ (Personal Reflective Journal)
· Technical Drawing and Space Planning with very good results in relation to traffic flow in rooms and the architectural grid.
· Inclusion of a lot of detail and understanding of colour theory.

Development points from Section One of the KLC Design Diploma

· PRJ – include more notes to accompany the images with more analysis and presentation of my thoughts. Also, try to avoid repeating images that are too similar. This particular project or workbook appears to be one of the keys to success with the KLC design diploma.
· Revisit images and ideas collected in Section One to show growth, development and understanding of my personal style.
· Include more examples of images on a more regular basis.
· Drawing – develop increased clarity with inking, including line hierarchy and using the different templates and other equipment for all inked plans.
· Samples – start to collect and build a range of samples and possible visit the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour.

Personal Points to Develop

· Blog – try to develop my blog and ensure that I blog more regularly about a whole range of topics, including styles, designers, trends and my diploma studies.
· CAD – gradually use the online video tutorials to develop my ICT skills in interior design. I see this as really important in order to be successful in the world of interiors.
· Sketching and Rendering – I really want to develop my techniques, so it’s time to hit the books and practise so that my interior design diploma and its associated work look amazing!

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