Social Media: 5 Important Considerations

Time to regroup (urgh, hate that phrase)

Even though I hate the phrase, the sentiment is fitting! So, it’s been about a month since my last post about using social media and I feel that I have learnt a few things in that time, that I want share with you. Having been a bit sceptical about social media several years ago, to reading a bit too much at the moment, I think I’m now trying to find my balance. Here are the five ways I plan to reflect on how I use social media.

Picture stating the need to get organised with social media.


As with so much in life, it really is key to make sure that things have a sense of equilibrium as too much or too little involvement can result in confusion and/or stagnation. Let’s face it, no one wants that!

I think that during my last month, my posting schedule was too frequent and at points I struggled to keep up with it, because I couldn’t find the time to create the content. I work full time which means that I don’t always have the luxury of time to dedicate to populating my social channels and blog with good or better content.

From now on, I am going to revise my posting schedule so that I can cope with life and work and still seek to cultivate and engage an audience. I don’t plan to adopt any new social media channels at this stage as I’m still discovering my optimum use of the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Even as I say that, I was listening to Vix Meldrew’s podcast about using Pinterest last night and it made me think, perhaps that’s my next channel to consider for blogging. I’ve listened to and read that it can be very successful for driving traffic to your site.

2. Content

At times I’ve really thought that my content has been crap. Not just in one place, but in several. I’ve had some sound engagement across my social channels and with my blog. Yet, I never get the feeling that something I have written is going to be massively successful. Imposter syndrome, lack of experience or a combination of both?

I’ve been reading quite a few blog posts, and don’t feel that my writing style is wildly different, but somehow it might be missing the mark. It could be that I need to define my niche more clearly, but that will take some more time to work out. I’m ok with that taking time, as blogging is new for me and so is my understanding of using social media. It’s all about the journey and making small changes as I go.

Content is the key to getting discovered online and growing an audience for your writing. Considering this, I need to make sure that my content across each of my social media platforms is well crafted. Not only fit for purpose, but suitable to the platform being used.

3. Research

Such a powerful beast! This really links to my last point about content, I need to spend more time looking, learning and lurking around my channels and the blogs. This is really going to help me improve what I am writing and posting. Although, lurking, sounds a bit sinister, and I don’t mean to be.

Some of my posts have been quite good, in my humble opinion! I’ve used Canva to make some attractive graphics with text for Instagram and Facebook.

What’s more, there is a great deal of information and helpful people out there in the blogosphere and I need to tap into this a little more to help me find my voice. Some bloggers and online marketing aficionados have produced some excellent guides, so I just need to pull my finger out and take a more detailed look.

Picture of a laptop and notepad ready to start organising and writing.

4. Consistency

This feels like a continual struggle, not just with social media, but with life in general. It seems to be the buzz word at work, or is that management just telling us that we are all crap at our jobs? But seriously, it is so important and it’s not just about spamming your feeds with nonsense, as that’s just not cool.

Consistency, for me anyway, is about the creation of a style of posting across the different social feeds and a finding voice when writing blog posts. It needs to fit your persona and the community that you are trying to engage. Instagram is a fine example. Some of the best profiles are so elegant, attractive and above all consistent. That’s not to say that all of the posts are the same, but they have a look, a style to them that is easily attributable to their author or owner.

This argument, way, point or other such thing is really the age-old adage of quality over quantity. It is better to be lean with the output rather than banging out a load of substandard stuff that is likely to turn away potential readers and subscribers.

Yes, it’s hard, but it is a necessary thing to get right if a social media and blog presence is what you need for you, your brand or whatever other reason you have.

5. Planning

I work in a job where planning and lists form a large part of my life. I love it! I love opening a new notebook and drawing up a list of things to do and assessing their need. I need to adopt this approach a little more thoroughly over the next month when considering my blog and use of socials.

Last week I took a look at a few key blogs linked to my areas of interest and that I admire. I can’t say my niche, I’m just not there yet. Then I started to scribble out a content plan for the next few months with the types of posts that I think could be popular and that I will enjoy putting together.

I have planned quite a few posts for my blog over the coming months and I think that will really help me with my social media content. Whilst it is primarily about words, so easier to engage with Facebook and Twitter, it will also force me to think about the use of visuals for Instagram.

Plans are important, no-one regrets being organised and sorting their shit out. It can help to give things a direction, a sense of purpose and can you help to see if there is a niche for the future of any enterprise, blogging or otherwise. With more quality content, I can hopefully enjoy creating and finding a stronger sense of identity.

Picture of laptop, coffee, mobile phone to get organised

What’s next?

Whilst this post deals with 5 key themes for developing my social media use, it also links well with upping my blog game. Essentially that’s the point for me, up my blog presence via quality content and a sound, or better, social media presence.

I will get a better balance across my weekly posting schedule that will fit around my life and work. The posts will be more carefully considered in terms of content, by researching more thoroughly and using the information that’s out there.

Now that I’m armed with a clearer picture of how I can develop my presence, I need to pick up that notebook and get planning. I’m such a mix of tech and old-school planning and organisation methods. One day I might adopt a fully tech-based approach.

Pop a comment in the box below if you have any tips that you would like to share with me or if you have any questions about my plans.


  1. February 27, 2019 / 11:39 pm

    Totally agree with you on so many points. Taking a break from social media is actually helpful even though at the time is seems counter-intuitive but I always find myself returning with a little more motivation and inspiration.

    • designtrek
      February 28, 2019 / 9:14 am

      Thanks for the comment. That’s the point, little mini-breaks and then we can come back with ideas to improve and get out of the funk that we sometimes find ourselves in.

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