My name is Chris Lowe and I was raised in the British countryside, refined in the city and I am now ready for new challenges.  This site was launched in November 2018 as a forum for my growing interest in interior design and desire to help you make effective and well-considered design choices.  This is a site for everyone that is trying to understand and develop their knowledge of interior design and those designers and businesses working in the industry.  It is a tough job to balance a busy professional life and consider both design and lifestyle choices, with many falling at the first hurdle.  Therefore, my hints and tips, based on my own experiences and knowledge gained from study, will help you on the way to creating the look that you are after.  Consequently, if you love interior design and lifestyle articles, then you’ll feel right at home here, so why not subscribe to receive notifications of my latest posts?

This site will feature different types posts; I think that it is satisfying to have variety as a reader.  The blog posts, articles and reviews will focus on the key themes of interior design, travel and health aiming to bring together the links between life, lifestyle and interior design.  Most of my posts will be short and focused, although from time to time I will provide articles in a more extended format.  So, start by exploring a section that is of interest to you, and by subscribing you will be notified when I add something new to any of these categories.  Writing about these topics will provide me with a sense of achievement in something new and I hope that it will help you with achieving your goals and enriching your lifestyle.  Also, the range of images and perspectives will help you refine your design and style selections.

This site has come about due to my burgeoning interest in interior design and life, so I think that it is finally the time to start writing, as I have had enough time to reflect on why I am doing this.  My profession is teaching, which I have been doing for 10 years, yet over the last few years, I have had my doubts as to whether this will be a long-term career.  Recently I have embarked on a KLC Interior Design Diploma as a means of developing my skills and technical knowledge of the industry and to motivate me towards making a change of career and developing my interest in interior design.  I see this blog as a means of bringing you closer to a range of styles with honest and frank commentary to help you make informed choices.  Debate on any of the concepts or posts is welcome!

So, if you run into any trouble and are looking for help and a way through the quagmire that can be interior design, then look no further.  I’ll help to provide you with hints, tips and style choices for you busy, but design-conscious people.  Similarly, if you think that there is something that I might have missed or would really like to me to write about, feel free to contact me here.  I am always open to suggestions and collaborations with others working in the industry, so drop me a line!